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Bröllopsfotograf Skåne. Bröllopsfotograf Sverige, Weddingphotographer Sweden Bröllopsfotograf Skåne, Bröllopsfotograf Sverige. Weddingphotographer Bröllopsfotograf 

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Choosing a weddingphotographer is difficult.

First, perhaps it is about why you should choose a professional photographer rather than your best friend?  Then you have to find the right wedding photographer. I can not say who to choose but I can give you some tips and advice and I can tell you how I work and who I am.

We start with why you should choose a professional wedding photographer instead of ”Uncle Bob”? It’s not that I do not believe that ”Uncle Bob” can not take good pictures. But he may not be as accustomed to photographing weddings and marriages. It requires training to ”be invisible at the wedding” and still take good pictures, capturing moments that will never come back. With a professional wedding photographer you get great images, security of supply, and you feel safe, relaxed and you have fun.

Is it expensive with a weddingphotographer you may  wonder?

I think it’s actually quite cheap if you consider how long the images live afterwards. The images will still be there in your photoalbums, on the wall, long after the cake has been eaten and the dress has been put aside.

Why choose me as your wedding photographer? To get a professional photographer with  love and humor? I am experienced and have the  skill and the love for weddings. It does not matter if it is a small wedding with just the two of you or if it’s big wedding with many guests. You get beautiful images of love and joy. You will also certainly get something silly:-) I  like to have fun and it often gets a bit crazy. You’ll get a dedicated wedding photographer who is happy and make sure that you have a fun day.

There will be pictures of the laughter and the tears, the joy and warmth. I’m there to capture both the spontaneous snapshots but also to help you to get personal pictures that rabiate  your joy and love. Pictures that will make you smile all the way into your future.

Please contact me for more information either by phone +460705 772165 or email  lotta@lottapictures.com

Member of Swedish Photographers Association and The Wedding Photographers Association.

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