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Weddingphotographer Ellinge Slott Skåne


I met Suzanne and Edward this summer.  It was a nice sunny day in Sweden and as we sat down to plan their weddingday in December. Suzanne looked like she couldn’t really believe me when I said that December in Skåne in Sweden can be pretty dark and rainy.


But the 10th of December got to be a beautiful day all thanks to this loving couple. I went to Ellinge slott to meet them for a few daylight pictures before the ceremony. We had a quick walk in the garden and then everyone got onto the bus to get to the small beautiful church of Hardeberga to see ”the luckiest man on Earth and the woman who made him that way”.

You’ll find a slidshow here and more pictures below

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Suzanne and Ed met on a blind date about two years ago back home in Washington D.C. It was not a perfect date at all since the restaurant was loud and  noisy! But after that first date Ed kept comparing every other girl with Suzanne and rembembering what a good time they’ve had. So luckily he made sure that they would meet again.

The Swedish connections is thanks to Ed’s relatives who came from Vinslöv in Skåne

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20161210_lg-44 20161210_lg-43 20161210_lg-45 20161210_lg-47



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